Friday, February 25, 2011

Origin of Weather People by RJD2 + RJD2 Songs

If you haven't heard, RJD2 is a sample remix DJ with mad skillz that you should check out.

He's got some great songs, Deadringer is probably his best album and here's a few of his best songs:
The Horror - Link
Ghostwriter - Link
1976 - Link
A Beautiful Mine - Link
Work It Out - Link

But his BEST song, imo Weather People is right here:

This beat just really pwns face if you ask me, but where's the sample from?

This creepy goblin song from a 1977 Italian horror flick called Suspiria - its beyond creepy up until they all start chanting "witch", that just reminds me of Monty Python too much to take seriously. Here's the Suspiria theme vid if you are so interested - Link

RJD2 pulls samples from all over. Few other DJs are this good at mixing such diverse samples into a masterpiece.

DJ Shadow is the only other sample remix DJ I feel is at this level. His album "Endtroducing..." is beyond description. check it out!

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