Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Plan an International Trip:

So, you know you want to go on a vacation out of the country, but you also know you don't want to be broke and homeless when you get back Stateside. Planning a vacation is a daunting task, especially when traveling to locales unknown, and even more so to a foreign country. But don't let that stop you, besides who wants to go on vacation to someplace familiar?

Adventure is the spice of life, the unknown is the answer to all of life's mysteries. Explore, travel, soak it in and broaden your perspective on life! Travel expands the mind.

Anyhow, back to the details, to simplify the unsurmountable task of trying to snag a deal on an international trip...

Here's the tools I've used to go on some very cheap international vacations. Hopefully, this helps some wayward, cost-conscience traveler...

1. Find a cheap flight is your best bet

2. Find some cheap lodging options always delivers some budget rates for those who have money.

3. Find out the best way to get around once you get there (taxi, bus, or rental car) is a great resource or

Google "[destination] taxi rate" and you'll find an article about it.

4. Book the flight before the price goes up!
Seriously, the prices can change at any time.

5. Make sure you have a valid passport!
Good for 10yrs!

6. Have Fun!
Remember, it's vacation; RELAX. Minor details have a tendency of working themselves out.

This post inspired by my recent booking to the tropical island of Barbados! Upon my return, I'll have info to share about the island and environs, I'm sure.

Paradise. pwnt ;)

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