Thursday, April 3, 2008

pwn the WoW auction house

The auction house is easiest to think of as an embedded ebay with fake money. Therefore, making money is way easier than in real life. Especially since patch 2.4 has come out, there are increased cash drops from everything. So people are richer than ever and more willing than ever to give you that money through auctions :P.

Number 1:

get lvl70 nub!

Any money earned under lv70 is a mere fraction of the what you could earn at lvl cap. I see low lvl characters farming elementals, elites and the like and I can't help but wonder why?? Why spend all that time farming when you could just level to 70 then farm and make 10 times as much for the same amount of time farming. Not to mention the serious cash to be made just off the AH...

Number 2:
Buy low, sell high... duh. But really do it! Some call it "prospecting", some call it cheating, but whatev its money. For instance, try buying large prismatics during the week (when the price is low) then posting them at a much higher price on saturday night. You're assured at least a few gold profit on each for about 5min work.

Even better, if you have an enchanter, search for lvl65+ rares, buy and disenchant everything cheaper than the going price for large prismatics. Then post your new prismatics for free money!

But that's small potatoes...

Number 3:
The real money is to be earned from your professions. Each profession has a few different ways to rake in dough. Selling herbs, leather, ore, etc is one way. These raw materials usually sell well because the real AH pwners buy raw goods and sell finished ones. So while your spending hours picking flowers to sell, some other guy is spending mere minutes buying your flowers and making flasks to sell for tons of gold. Work smarter, not harder!

However, flask recipes are very time intensive, but there's easier ways to use your secondary prof to rake it in. The trick is finding the item you can make using the cheapest mats that sells for the most on the AH. This can vary greatly between characters, servers, professions, etc. But in general, the simplest and easiest goods are your best bet.

Also, make sure the item you're selling is in high demand. Generally, the easiest way to determine that is to see how many of those particular goods are posted. If there's multiple pages, chances are that good is in high demand and anything you post will be bought swiftly.

I have a 365 leatherworker and, if I try, I can make about 50g from 5min of posting leather. Buy regular knothide leather during the week, sometimes as low as 5g for 20, then sell it during the weekend for as high as 4g each! Thats 250% profit and no wasted time farming!

I also have a 375 alchemist and he can make 10-20g each day by transmuting common primals into valuable ones, such as buying primal water and selling primal air.

Find your professions tricks and exploit them. The AH is yours for the taking. PWNT!