Sunday, April 13, 2008

PWN air travel

So... it's been a while since my last post. I apologize, but school is hellish right now and my 21st birthday was on the 10th! Anyway I have a few interesting tidbits to share... enjoy

First off, the godly power of Craigslist never ceases to amaze me! You can find a job, a house, and even argue religion! But I warn you, steer clear of the red light district that is "casual encounters"...

If your searching for rentals some other great sites are and

Now, in the spirit of PWN FACE let me share a few tips for pwning cheap air travel:

If you're 18-22, AirTranU is the best! Flights are $70 for short trips and $100 for "long haul" flights. You show up at least an hour b4 your flight, show em your ID and they give you a stand-by ticket. If you don't make it on the next flight you can just wait around and get on the next. If you have some flexibility in your schedule there's no better, cheaper way to fly.

If your planning on traveling to Florida, the Carribean or South America you gotta check out Spirit Air. Ridiculously cheap flights but limited destinations. They have deals every now and then where you can fly for as cheap as $9! International flights are nice and cheap too. We're talking $200 for a non-stop from Atlanta to Costa Rica.
I've heard the service is lackluster, but with prices this cheap, who cares!?

And just to give you some motivation to get out there:
The average human life is 700,000 hours!! Get out there and enjoy it! Time is ticking. pwnt!

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