Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't Feed the Pigeons!

You've heard it many times: "Don't feed the pigeons". From your parents, on signs and maybe even in your own head. You've probably also come up with all sorts of theories why you shouldn't. They are flying disease carrying rats and you don't want to fuel their breeding. They might learn that begging works and will annoyingly follow people around. Maybe feeding them will make them go crazy for human food and start attacking humans on sight!

Whatever your rationale for stinginess, you've never really seen the negative effects of feeding pigeons. I mean they look so hungry, what's the harm in feeding one of God's little helpless small creatures? Why can't I feed the hungry little pretty looking pigeons?? Now you will know...

why you shouldn't feed pigeons (video)

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vanessa said...

pigeons ARE gross I totally agree. up top