Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PWN your workout

Working out is something we all should do. Along with a healthy diet, working out will leave you slim and muscular in matter of weeks. I recommend lifting weights every other day and cardio as often as possible. The real trick is to make your workout "routine". Set a few days aside and make sure you work out those days, no excuses. What works best for me is working out Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday because I can easily fit in 3 workouts no matter my schedule for the week, and 3 is enough to see gradual results. Find a consistent, doable schedule and stick to it. People who commit to workout everyday rarely last longer than a few weeks. A smaller commitment is easier to incorporate into a steady routine.

Secondly, set goals. Which muscles need the most work? Which workouts are best for targeting those muscles? Do your research and ask the gurus, but the best way to tell is if you feel the burn the next day. If you are trying to work your triceps but your shoulders hurt the next day then you're doing something wrong. Either try another workout or work on your form. Some workouts are better than others at isolating muscle groups giving that muscle a rigorous workout, while others work a few muscle groups at once and will show impressive results over time. Decide what you prefer and experiment to find what works for you.

Reps? Sets? Everyone has their personal opinion, but I'm a strong believer in 3 sets of 20. With the 20th rep on the 1st set being a real struggle. If you can't make it to 20 go down in weight. If the 20th rep feels as easy at the 1st go up in weight. Many will advocate 3 sets of 10, and this may give faster results, however your muscles will not develop as evenly or with the stamina that sets of 20 will provide.

More important than anything, stick to your routine, rain or shine, and you will see fast results. Workout pwnt!

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vanessa said...

hmmm theres also something to be said for cardio every day... you boys under-emphasize cardio!