Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Screen Magic!

Ever wanted to look out the window behind your screen but been frustrated by it's annoying opaqueness?? Well, now you can enjoy your computing and a view all at once!

It may seem that Mac's come with magical transparent desktop options, but no! These are digital trump l'oeil; images carefully aligned and color corrected to give a convincing illusion!

The effect is easiest to recreate using a laptop. Simply fold down your lid, snap a pic of what's behind your laptop, upload it to your computer and set it as your desktop! It may take a few shots to get everything lined up right, and you may have to correct the color and/or resize it, but keep working at it, you'll get it!

Now the mirror effect is another matter... Can you figure it out?

screen magic pwnt!

1 comment:

vanessa said...

they stuck a shiny sticker on it.